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Monday, March 14, 2011


strong moments

where are my children, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

Silenced voices. One of the recurring images in our show - Nohayquiensepa (No one knows) is the idea of telling someone else's story. Or telling a story about them. You like to think: for them.

But beside that there is the idea that some people cannot safely tell their stories - that they need someone else to be their voice. Whether it is distance from the place where decisions are made, or personal risk is speaking out - some things must be said, but by others.

I can't express some things with words - so I got some people to help me put this play / dance piece / video installation together. And I think the lovely outcome is that this piece says a lot without many words at all.

I've been told we aren't pushing the issues hard enough - that here in Toronto people won't get all the information about abuses by Canadian mining companies in Latin America, for instance, or by various armed factions in Colombia. Well, that's true - they won't get a lot of hard information in the show. But they get enough to feel the need to know more. This isn't - can't be - a documentary. The medium we are discovering doesn't do that as well as film. But to get people to care? -- I think we can do that, which is often harder than to give them a straight up, factual brief on a pressing issue...

NOW preview of the show

Hi Mr. Schellnus
I was at your magnificent and very moving Nohayquiensepa....I am the woman with the camera. As my friend, Elizabeth, and I were leaving she suggested that her friend Eva (Aluna's secretary)might be interested to see my photos. Please feel free to contact me. blueherons@sympatico.ca
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