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Sunday, February 11, 2007


in a dark room, seeking

I have been a bit lost to the world lately, spending more thatn half of my life the last two weeks in this room -- the Mainspace at Theatre Passe Muraille -- putting up The Sheep and the Whale. This shot is emblematic of the story's take on the relationship of Africa and Europe, from European eyes. I think. Then again, maybe it's late as I write this, and I'm stretching to try to see too much in an image that may only be emblematic of my technical problems with focusing in low light.

No, it's art. I think it's a key moment of a beautiful show (which is on until March 11, so come see it, eh -- 17 people on stage in an independent show!! how can you not?)

It's crazy how hard it is to really step back and see if you've got good work coming together, while you are in the midst of working through technical problems. In the last run, I thought my lighting transitions were messy and several cues were ridiculous. Then an experienced director, Jovanni Sy, told me he loved it. I want to believe him -- I do, in a way -- but until it's officially open, and I have had a week or two away from it, it might not be possible to really see what it is that I have created. My small part of a huge team effort.

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