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Thursday, December 22, 2005


that time

hwy 15 thru a wet window, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

this shot was taken on Highway 15, through the wet junk in the corner of the windshield. we were only hours behind a snow storm by the time we got to Arnprior. Spending a lot of time wondering why we make each other go broke at the end of every year. But it's nice.

Upcoming Graffiti:

democratize surveillance

Fuck the Haters

LA USA TE USA (that's Bea's: "The use/USA uses you")

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Looking back

I've been back home for 4 days now, but it feels like I've returned from a month away. Is it the change in seasons? The fact that everyone seems so busy?

The picture above was taken in Potsdam, at OrangerieSchloss -- a building in Sans Souci Park built in 1864 to house foreign royalty visiting the German monarchs. It looks south across the park to the site where, in 1945, The Potsdam Conference was held - where the Allies divided Germany and Berlin up into occupation zones.

Now I'm looking west across my backyard, wondering if I've closed the door on the cat and left him out in the cold... Oh no, here he is. We'll be looking for him like this all winter.

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