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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


pinter moment

pinter moment 2
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a little rushed... I think I'm coming down with Bea's bug -- headache-y and stupid-making. Enjoying the month's work at George Brown, Derek Bruce hired me on to TD the spring rep show there at the College. That guy is the sharpest Production Manager I've worked with in a long time. Maybe ever.

Also had a brief meeting with the manager of Red Sky Performances, going over the schedule for an upcoming tour of Newfoundland in May. What a joy that will be, if I get any time outside of the theatre to take anything in.

Starting to feel the rush of new beginnings that flood in with spring.

Oh and I've been working out some lighting things for a show going up this coming week in the Cameron back room. Hopefully we'll get some pretty pictures out of that too.

gawd I'm all about exposition and reporting fact today. Next posting will be a little more abstract I hope. Or at least, less literal. Chewier.

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