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Sunday, November 25, 2007


back and forth

spadina - november rain, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

It's tech week at George Brown: we're getting our lighting cues together for Arabian Nights, and because I'm too busy building cues I don't yet have any pictures. So I'm throwing up this shot taken on a rainy trip home up Spadina after a night's drinking - one of life's great urban pleasures is taking pictures after drinking. The colours in this shot are similar to what I'm using in the show.

Bea's in Colombia, and loving it. Thinking about retiring there. And she's coming up with fabulous edits for her script. If I get through this year in one piece, I will figure out how to go with her next time. Or the time after that.

Friday, November 02, 2007



This image is from the AGO Halloween fundraiser, the "Shadowball" - held two weeks before Halloween, actually. Machel Reeves brought in these intriguing table settings.

It was one job in a flight of jobs. Good times I guess. Our latest challenge at home is a project that could be called Take Back the Weekend. Every week we try to get a day off. Maybe two days. We do this to give ourselves a little time to relax, and perhaps fix up a few things around the house.

Now, if you live in downtown Toronto, you might look at this plan and scoff at the luxury of a day without answering emails, or writing a quick promo blurb for the pending project, or catching up on the accounting -- but I assure you, there are historical precedents for taking a little time off. And perhaps beyond time off - time in which nothing is planned: not cleaning, not fixing up, not visiting - time in which we might even aspire to the rumoured state of boredom.

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