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Friday, May 19, 2006


parking meter solar panel

parking meter solar panel, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

I am having issues with chaos and order lately. Namely, the uncomfortable mix of the two in my life. In my head. In my work. And so on.

This month I am commuting up to Islington Station to make stuff happen for a community-oriented theatre group called Jumblies. Fabulous people. Fantastic mission: to bring people in an area together and reveal them to each other -- i.e, be the catalyst for a community to awaken to itself. But until they get there, it is never the same project that we are working on from one day to the next. Young people drift in and out of the place, some interested, some disruptive (young men learning how to strut and make demands of anybody trying to organize an activity, like painting, have discovered that something is happening in the basement of one of the buildings). Older folks look on, confused or curious to participate (especially if it can get them keys to the hobby room where the woodworking tools are).

In a week we are in rehearsals, and I have yet to see a conclusive script of events, although there is one nearing completion.

I have spent half my time building and in meetings, half in finding just the right fabric and good deals on halogen lights. All the while wondering if I have forgotten something, if there is a huge gap in my memory.

We've had a few little events at home: Bea and I are laying some groundwork for ALUNA Theatre -- we move into an office in August. But Bea leaves on June 8th for Belgrade, and is gone for two months. So she's busy getting ready: finding trains and planes, buying clothes, getting her hair cut short (seriously: army fatigues and neckburn short), finishing little jobs here in town. A few days ago we decided not to pursue an offer to co-produce one of her plays with Nightwood theatre next May... that was a huge decision. Usually such an opportunity propels a project, and we both love Nightwood, but the particulars of the offer didn't quite fit our company's schedule and mandate well enough to justify the deal.

So while Bea is doing movement seminars with Eatern Europeans in the capitol of Serbia, I will be talking to accountants and web designers to set up the company.

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