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Monday, February 21, 2005


city nightlights

city nightlights study 6
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It's been a satisfying week, even though I've been eating a lot of time rebuilding the set for "A Suicide-Site Guide to the City", which we load into Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in two days. I have lots of painting ahead of me, which is slightly daunting.

Meanwhile at home we've had a few heavy conversations about the future -- I think that I haven't done enough thinking about it, and Bea's done perhaps too much. But after yesterday I feel better that we're coming back to who we are, who we want to be. I've been taking lots of shots out the windows of borrowed cars lately. The feeling of movement through the city lends a kind of purposeful anonymity to the night. A feeling that we're all going somewhere, not sure where, but we're going, and it's cool. I thought of our relationship in those loose terms. Maybe I should think more concretely.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005


moving along

bathurst & dupont bridge
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We've been spending time together today, my partner and I. After weeks of leapfrogging work schedules, of sneaking into an occupied bed and waking up alone, we are at last together at the same time. Given this rare opportunity, we cherish the moment by arguing about who will buy the next bag of catfood.

But we managed to package together two different grant proposals in the last week. Something's working.

Spent too much time in my own house this week to be much aware of the world or feel like I have anything to say to it. Probably that's a good thing.

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