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Sunday, April 10, 2005


A non-literary review of some of my friends

street snowtracks pshopped
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B. is maniacally efficient. He eats only with chopsticks or spoons – anything that requires a knife is not fit to pass his lips. He has a huge file of gay porn on his computer that I “do not know about”. He used to live on the west side, but the east end is cheaper, so naturally…

L: As a friend he has been dependable but not creative. He is businesslike in his dealings with me: courteous and quick to return calls, generous with his time when I ask him for help or to visit or go to a movie, but not forthcoming with invitations in return. If I didn’t work with him we would quickly grow apart. One day he will recognize this in himself, and it will make him sad.

S. is vibrant and funny, but always on edge. She moved in from Vancouver and will not talk of the place but to curse it. Because she just moved she has very few possessions in her apartment, which makes her seem like a minimalist. I expect in time we will find out that her style is more cluttered and anachronistic then that. For now I must say that it suits her, seems to keep her focused. I hope she can maintain it.

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