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Friday, February 06, 2009


more of the good stuff

I can't resist. More from our workshop:

(The song is "Beggar's Prayer" by Emiliana Torinni)

And this:

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Coming down from Nohayquiensepa at HATCH

I was allowed into the Studio Theatre at Harbourfront last week and got to play so long as I showed the results to people. With a few friends we did stuff like this.

most of our focus was on more sober things, but when you set up a space with cameras and projectors, things have a way of happening...

This one was Ravi Jain's inspiration once he got familiar with the setup.

This week I thought I would be coming down, but we started renovating the basement - right now contractors are digging up the floor to give us real headroom down there. And three or four shows are piling up in front of me demanding attention. So I guess no weekend now, but the tired that leaves me with is okay, because good shit's happening.

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