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Monday, November 22, 2010


Sala Seki Sano - first time in the room

It's two days before our first presentation of a very technical show. We waited for a few hours the day before, to get a chance to enter the theatre and play in the space, but recent rains had flooded the room so some work had to be done to fix the floor. It is the rainy season in Bogota, and it's also our first day acclimatizing to the altitude. We decide, after a few hours of waiting and dithering, to relax and get ready for a good workout on the next day.

It's the day before our presentation of Nohayquiensepa. We were told to show up from 11am to 3pm. I knew we would be asked to leave early - after all, another show is being presented in that room at 5pm - but I didn't anticipate that on our arrival we would be told to wait an hour because the fresh paint on the floor and walls had not dried.

So we worked for 2 hours, walking through the show, performers getting black feet from occasionally finding the tacky spots on the floor.

But we are all here to make this work happen, so you do what you have to.

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