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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


drawn in

nohay drawn in 650, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

This last week and a half has been completely engrossing. I have honestly been rivetted to a project - my project, not someone else's, for a change. This shot is of a brief moment that will form the backbone of an idea that I hope will coalesce into a ... better moment. For those who didn't know before, that's how workshops work: see something in a moment of play, figure out some sense of why it might be speaking to you and hopefully others, then file it in with all the other moments tumbling about you until the gestalt of ideas begins to tell you something that you didn't know that you knew.


We'll be taking this work (Nohayquiensepa, or 'No One Knows') to Bogota, Colombia next month. It's a little bit about living on the edge of violence, a little bit about the death of strangers, and a lot about wondering how and why we should care. Us, specifically, the people in the room, but also more generally the social circles around us - our friends, communities, cultures, countries...

I don't think I can talk about anything else right now, I'm that far gone into my absorption with this project, so that's all about that for now.

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