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Saturday, March 13, 2010


politics in progress

Sunday (March 14) is election day in Colombia. And guess what? No one is allowed to sell booze this weekend. Does that make sense to you? I didn't get it. This is Colombia, people like to drink, why are they being punished this way?

But then Bea found out: it's not the booze that's the dangerous factor in this equation, it's the politics. At election time people 'get angry' about things and fight a lot, and if there's too much booze, they pull out their guns and shoot each other.

So then she gets advice - given the fact that tomorrow is voting day and everyone stocked up on liquor during the week anyway - about what to do if someone pulls a gun on you.

You should never say 'don't shoot me' - it's too confrontational for a guy who has a gun. It's like you are daring him to shoot. Instead, one should say, 'I don't like guns' - then it all becomes a matter of taste, which is an acceptable difference of opinion.

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