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Thursday, October 08, 2009


blowing kisses

A month ago Bea and I attended a country wedding in Prince Edward County, on the edge of a lake in late summer. It was a single blissful day of celebration with friends in an otherwise relentless month of competing demands. I look at that picture and it feels like I took it 6 months ago.

We've just had a couple of slower days, but not by design: as soon as Bea finished her last project (playing a Chilean revolutionary in exile circa 1974 in "Refugee Hotel") - and a couple of things wrapped up for me (2 nuit blanche gigs) - we both got sick. I guess this bug is going around, perhaps you've had it yourself? Feels like a stomach flu, chills, slow digestion, bloated belly, etc... It's forcing us to get lots of sleep at least. It's my belief that we are both, in fact, errant children in need of parenting and becoming ill is the only form of discipline we respond to.

So hooray for time off, with or without bloating.

Now Bea is preparing to travel to Colombia to hold a workshop for former Child Soldiers, and I remain here working on a couple of dance projects-in-the-making and drawing preliminary sketches for theatre stuff down the road.

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