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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


when you can't stand the view, look up

plane over stclair sep2009, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

I took this picture of the sky over St.Clair west - if you stand where I stood in that moment, and look anywhere else, all you see is construction. Who isn't sick of construction around here. This street has been in pieces for over two years, so it feels like we're all camping out in the neighbourhood, waiting for mom and dad to bring us home to a real city where traffic actually moves and stores are full of viable businesses.

St.Clair west Refugee camp.

We left town for a day over the long weekend to attend a country wedding - it was our first escape from the city in months. It was intoxicating. And on our return, Bea gets sick. This is bad timing, but there is no good timing for us on this point. Perhaps it is its own gift in disguise. Last month I pulled some ligaments in my foot, forcing me to stay home for a few days. It gave me a good excuse to stay off my feet, which was (sadly) glorious. I hope she can take a day to get some rest. She yells at me to slow down, but she's a bull herself when it comes to her own craft.

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