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Sunday, March 09, 2008


big snow in T-O

brickworks winter1, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

We hit some kind of record today for snowfall in Toronto. This is announced in the press as if it were some proud achievement of ours. We are now in training, and next year, with hard work, we will top this personal best once more.

I took this shot at the Brickworks a couple of weeks ago, on a reconnaissance mission for a possible lighting gig. I don't imagine I got it - I haven't heard from them yet. But what a hoot it was to sneak around this enormous set of unusable industrial buildings on the flood plain of the Don river, seeing the gorgeous decrepitude of semi-abandoned places.

Semi-abandoned: the phrase of the week, as Bea prepares to leave for 2 months to Colombia. No snowfall records for her: there are three festivals, an ailing mother, family, and research for her next script -- as well as a quiet place to hide away and write -- in store. I will stay behind because someone needs to clean up after the cats.

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