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Friday, November 02, 2007



This image is from the AGO Halloween fundraiser, the "Shadowball" - held two weeks before Halloween, actually. Machel Reeves brought in these intriguing table settings.

It was one job in a flight of jobs. Good times I guess. Our latest challenge at home is a project that could be called Take Back the Weekend. Every week we try to get a day off. Maybe two days. We do this to give ourselves a little time to relax, and perhaps fix up a few things around the house.

Now, if you live in downtown Toronto, you might look at this plan and scoff at the luxury of a day without answering emails, or writing a quick promo blurb for the pending project, or catching up on the accounting -- but I assure you, there are historical precedents for taking a little time off. And perhaps beyond time off - time in which nothing is planned: not cleaning, not fixing up, not visiting - time in which we might even aspire to the rumoured state of boredom.

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