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Friday, May 04, 2007


the week after the monster show

I have rediscovered what a home is. It has been a half-busy week: many little things to do for various jobs, not all of which are for money, some are even for our home life. Many meetings and the like.

I don't think I can talk much about the show I've just done: it ate my life, it was glorious and meaningful and confusing and gorgeous and overwhelming and satisfying and nuts. Community theatre on a grand scale. Quotes:

"do not bring your televisions tomorrow!"
"I am a womanist and I fight for the woman"
"if you are a pigeon, go to where you think you're supposed to be"

A variety of projects are coming quickly along. A few projects I won't work on this year:

- a synopsis of new developments in stupidity
- developing a system of voting in which voters get 3 votes:2 votes for and 1 vote against
- a photo series from the Age of Air Conditioning
- a gesture that means "trust yourself, you're on to a good thing"

I always thought a finger-pistol point and a click of the tongue meant "Trust yourself, you're onto a good thing," but I might have misconstrued it.
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