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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


winter happy hours

winter happy hours, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

Took this shot last week in the snow. Remember when the snow fell, and we oo'd at it, and loved it despite the (or perhaps a bit because) fact that it slowed everything in the city down...

Now it's mostly ice and blackened heaps of crust on the street edge, and it's been too cold to snow.

Anyway. I decided to post this because I realized that a lot of this year's favorite colours (based on what I've been doing in lighting design lately) are in this shot: the ambers, light purple, cool white.

I only work in one colour generally and that's sunlight but I understand the necessity of shining different colours into those dark recesses. :-)

Check out my recent photos for some shots of the state-of-the-art theatre I performed in last week. The stage seemed bigger than the house and all the lamps were automated except for the shins. I watched the eight-man crew lay out the dance floor and set up the modular risers and the backdrop before I had to get my make-up on.

The cue-to-cue and dress rehearsal were combined as all the lamps were focused and colours changed from the booth. The director/choreographer talked the performers and tech crew through everything in actual performance time with only two or three restarts for music cued by the dancers. It was astounding.
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