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Saturday, March 31, 2007


morning in the portlands

morning in the portlands, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

It is the season of lists:

- shows opening
- props to find
- wood orders
- plots to draw
- schedules prioritized by levels of desperation
- groceries
- parties to attend, graded by the ratio of washrooms to the number of drinkers invited
- emails to write
- emails to respond to
- emails to ignore
- shows to catch
- hours spent with loved ones
- books to read before 2008
- places to put magazines that will make it more likely that I might read them before the next issue is published
- debts to pay before being able to apply for a mortgage
- faces that I wish I had punched
- splinters healed
- friends to speak to before I lose the right to call them friends
- lists to write

I sense a yearning for the simplicity of the sea.
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