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Thursday, March 15, 2007


backstage at the debate

backstage at the debate, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

This photo was taken on Saturday. Sunday this show went up -- it was wacky. Then we struck and left, and I fled to Theatre Passe Muraille to finish up the strike of The Sheep and the Whale. Then back to Hub14 with a load of scrap wood in the van to have a moment with the peeps of Small Wooden Shoe. Perfect way to end an intense day. At 3am.

And up again at 7am to bring the scrap to the junk yard.

Then the week got busy.

Bea and I have been talking a lot lately, mostly to keep each other from flying off the deep end. She has been slammed with so many things, and is having tax issues to add to the aggravation. I feel like we are our own little nation of self-help.

We talked about being successful, powerful, and rich. As if that would make our lives easy. As we spoke of this George Bush showed up on TV, and Bea said that on his recent stopover in Colombia he had to leave after FIVE HOURS because the Colombian government could not guarantee his safety.

So the moral is that success and power have an upside, I'm sure, but what you lose when you gain fame and influence is honest and open relationships with people. I look at Dubya, and once I get over my anger with him, I pity him: can he shake hands with someone and know that that person actually wishes him the best? Can he look at someone smiling at him and know that that person is simply being friendly, and doesn't want something? Can anyone be sincere and honest with a millionaire or a politician?

Please don't pity the man. You don't get to be president by accident.
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