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Thursday, January 18, 2007


workshop to rehearsal to wrap up to introduction...

madre sneak peek doctor, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

Workshops. we get into a room and try to say a bunch of things and stand or sit or move about in ways that we think would be interesting to someone and then go home wondering about our choices in life.

I love my life.

Production. Running around the city worrying about the expense of the rental van and whether the favours you've gotten from friends to borrow stuff for the show will burn out those friendships. Discovering that they won't use the stuff you brought in after all. Then encountering new problems with your approach to building a stage, the colours you chose, the whole idea of the thing...

I hate my life.

Meeting with the last group I worked with -- genuine warmth and companionship, an appreciation of each other's efforts, an eagerness to do it again, and better.
Meeting the next group you will be working with. Smiles, fresh thoughts, a whole new approach and stimulating set of possibilities. Unexpected perspectives and good energy.

I love my life.

Back home to write invoices, grant applications, re-jig schedules, juggle budgets.

I ... hate ... ...hating.

... but that seems a remarkably easy thing to walk away from, in this case.

Personally, driving rental vans and filling out invoices was never that difficult. It was the grant applications and calling in favours from friends that I could never get the hang of. And juggling budgets? I'll stick with a cabbage, a chainsaw and an egg. (You really had to see the show. It was a Rhubarb! (RIP) piece based on Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolko called Variations on a Theme by God, all about a !$%@ed-up marriage and produced before the trial concluded. Nick actually did the juggling. I just wrote it and carried the teenage victim offstage over my shoulder in a green sleeping bag.)
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