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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


leaving the family

leaving the family, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

So far this winter I have lived through about 4 hours of snow, most of that time in a car driving the highways from Arnprior to Brockville. Then we left the whiteness behind and we've been wondering if there will be any more this year. Someone said to me with a chuckle, "Oh, we're gonna pay for it later..." - which usually means a wicked cold snap is coming. I wonder, though, if the payment this year is going to be a low water table and drought this spring.

Running between rehearsals for Connect The Dots, preproduction for The Sheep and the Whale, and building Aluna. Second day of the year and we've jumped into things at a cracking pace.

Considering the quantity of lakes in Ontario, I don't think drought is really that much of a threat.

Thanks for the snowy road scene. Daegu received its only snow so far on December 17th. We're still due one day of snowman-quality fluffy white stuff. There'll be pictures when it finally arrives.
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