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Monday, December 04, 2006


tech workshop

victor con text, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

this is Victor Gomez as a Colombian science fiction writer, from our tech workshop of Madre - Bea's current script-in-development. we're playing with some lighting things and ... well I don't want to talk much about it other than to say workshops are fabulous things and I feel like an actual artist when we are experimenting with how to create our art. Often I get a day to set things up and a few hours to create anything interesting out of that setup... usually not really giving us a chance to tweak and discover new technical methods of making interesting work.

Aha! The scrim!

A Colombian science-fiction writer? Where will the show be eventually staged? Sounds like TPM Backspace material to me: I really dig that intimate setting. It's got a much warmer feel than the Factory's cabaret experiment, and is more spacious than the Tarragon's little room. Is Bea's show going to get a mainstage production? I'm thinking it's only getting a technical workshop because Bea has an in with a tech guy like yourself. Most writers don't realise what a little attention paid to the technical aspects can do for a show. They think it's more about the words and the actors!
By the way, are you excited yet about The Sheep and the Whale? I just checked the cast list, and there is some definite talent involved, including Soo Garay, Jim Warren and Julian Richings. I am sure the others are of equal calibre. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Are they expecting a sell-out?
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