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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


remembering the UCLA sculpture garden

UCLA sculpture garden, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

So we left Los Angeles a couple of days ago. Still getting over it - literally: I've been running every day so by the end of a day the jet lag catches up and I get a little stoopid. Good for not much but watching movies and eating. mmmm food.

L.A. is one of those cities that are exciting to visit, and even more exciting to leave. It reminds me of the boring friend you make in grade school because he has the best toys or because his mom always makes hot dogs and kraft dinner: it's awesome to go there after school, but the next day you have to sit with buddy in the cafeteria while he picks his nose and flicks it. At that point it's not fun for everyone anymore.

I do miss the gig though. It's always a bittersweet thing, closing a show -- the intensity of the work, the feeling of being away in a new place with only these few new friends to explore it, the solid feeling of travelling with one clear purpose. But when it's all done, there's something unusually beautiful about a quick goodbye.

I picked up seven used videos for Christmas viewing and the first one I watched was Collateral. I'm guessing watching that film on the plane out of LA would be a lot like watching Taxi Driver on the bus back from New York like I did on a University trip in '93.

In one long weekend I fell asleep in the Metropolitan Museum, got drunk and walked back to Times Square from CeeBeeGeeBees at 2am, met Lou Reed at his booksigning, had my photo taken on the steps of the Judson Memorial Church, was nipped at by a pregnant pitbull in a clothing star, was ushered in past the lineup outside a big nightclub (America) and then walked right out again, and was comped by the drummer for Blue Rodeo (I used to babysit his son) to their show at the Bottom Line. While I was falling asleep in the Met some terrorists were placing bombs in the underground parking at the World Trade Centre.

Now, if I could only get a chance to tour a show my visits to the major cities might get more interesting.
Fröhliche Weinachten!
hey trev! merriest of non-denominational holidays to you and bea! xoxo
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