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Friday, December 15, 2006


flyhouse grid UCLA

flyhouse grid, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

This is the view from the stage at the Freud (pronounced 'Frood') Playhouse theatre, where we are staging "Recent Experiences". Why do they pronounce it 'Frood?' ... there are 2 theories: First: the family that sponsored the construction of the building were actually related to Sigmund, and after emigrating to California changed the pronunciation of their name to distance themselves from his less acceptible eccentricities. Second theory: they were just too stupid to know how to pronounce their own name.

We loaded both "Recent" and "Revolutions in Therapy" into UCLA, and opened them, all in 4 days. It's been a marathon, and now we are able to relax a little and see the city during the day before the shows.

Los Angeles is both gorgeous and horrifying. Warm sun and sweet air -- LA is an idlyllic place if you can let it be just that. Problem is there is always so much going on. Cars racing at you as you cross the street, work scheduled into a tight clump of dense hours, and nothing, absolutely nothing, is available without cash.

Unless it's in your rider.

Nowhere is humanity more plastic than here.

You pointed your camera straight up, right?
It took a while to figure out the angle.
I was thinking about the pronunciation of 'Freud'.
Perhaps the family was Dutch, or had a history of dyslexia. By the way, did you know that 'Seoul' is actually two syllables, and is pronounced 'soh-ool', with the same vowel sounds as "Aw, cool." 'Seo' actually means west. I'm not sure about 'ul'. Both syllables are Sino-Korean.
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