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Friday, November 10, 2006


reflections on getting stupider

parking meter solar panel, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

Feeling a little stupid today - I am wondering if I have lost a bit of my ability to think. What does it mean, though, "to feel stupid?" ...if you are getting stupider how do you really know? Wouldn't you be too stupid to notice? And couldn't that be fun?

It was my performance that tipped me off (as it will do among men). My first clue was a tepid run at this week's Sudoku's, and now everything else seems to take too long to do as well.

Bea does this thing, when she's forgetting names because she's juggling too many tasks. She puts her hand to her mouth and says: "oh no! It's the Alzheimer's!"

It's a busy week - I'm trying to get a lot done for all the other shows (Jumblies, Aluna, Sheep + the Whale) because next week is tech week for "\dance\songs\" - which means I'll spend more time inside the Theatre Centre than out of it. So, along with sporatic meetings, it just takes a long time to get all the homework done at once. Maybe I'm not stupid in the hands-on, slog through jobs sense -- I'm dumb in the multiple priorities, why-can't-you-focus-on-your-own-life-and-its- priorities sense. It's the kind of busy that starts to distract you - it can MAKE you stupid if you're not careful.

Meanwhile I took another consulting gig to do lights for an Art installation / opening in early December. Very excited about that one, actually.

And all this time Bea is in Colombia at the Magdalena Festival, making connections, taking video, submerging herself in a world of art. And dealing with family. Here we work too much. There it all seems to be about family.

i think that in some unrecognized way, work is our candy.

hunh - and doesn't that sound like a protestant talking.

Seems to me you need to cultivate your catholic laziness, elan and joie-de-vivre a bit. I'll be able to catch The Sheep and the Whale in February, by the way. Will you be needing a hand hanging lights or installing set-pieces or anything along those lines? I can arc-weld, you know. I was taught over the phone by Graham Greene back in the day at TPM, circa Christmas '92. Just ask Steve. I'm really itching to pull on my rigger's boots and get my hands dirty again.
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