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Thursday, November 02, 2006


place of goodbyes

airports. I have come to know Pearson's Terminal 1 a little too well lately. A little too well for me, how about. Today I brought Bea away and stayed for a bit to see her off - we have had so little time together this past month, I had to stick around. It was lovely - we didn't say much, but we sat together, speking a little, enjoying the feeling of love while we waited.

Then she walked through security and cruised off into the southern sky.

Airports are inevitably sterile, wide-walled, and efficient - made for harmonious traffic of many bodies, easy to clean, modern in spirit. What an odd counterpoint to the simple fact that people are often going through intense emotional moments in these brisk environments. I didn't care that I was in an architectural monument to the glory of global travel, I just wanted to spend time with my baby. It was a nice surprise to bump into this aquatic sculpture again - it's to your left as you enter the final departure area before the security gates. It's called "Earth - Unbound", by Ingo Maurer. It reminds you that some things move slowly.

The goodbye cost $7 (coffee) +$9 (parking) +$10 (gas in borrowed car) = $26.

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