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Saturday, November 18, 2006


\dance\songs\ opens

The picture is from \dance\songs\ -- now on at Toronto's Theatre Centre (1087 Queen W at Dovercourt) until Nov 26 2006.

I had a moment today -- the business of getting the show up and being firm on my lighting cues (and making a million last minute minor changes) had me so distracted that it wasn't until about 15 minutes before the show was to start that I looked up, saw someone enter the theatre whom I am eager to make an impression on, and suddenly -- really it was on me in an instant -- I got nervous. Stage nerves. That heightened sense of tension that really forces you to focus tighter than an undersized set of speedos.

Then we had a beautiful show and all decided to love the world.

Tomorrow we'll work again.

check out the Zoilus review

Sorry, Trev. I'd like to read the review but the Zoilus link just doesn't load. Anything you could do about that?
hmmm, not sure why that would be. I'm not having any trouble here from another machine in T.O.

perhaps you will just have to imagine the coolest music critic in the world saying hip things about this killer show
Well, I've tried again and either Carl Wilson's site is blocked here in Korea or it's too darn popular for me to get a feed. I read the Globe and Mail religiously as it's plopped in my inbox around 11:00 pm every night, Korean time. There are over three hundred comments I've had posted about their articles in the past year. I used to re-post my comments on my blog but I stopped in the spring when the weather got nicer. Perhaps I'll start posting them again. They're not all about hockey and politics!
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