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Tuesday, October 10, 2006



The word of the day yesterday was "unlearning" -- trying to unlearn bad habits, self-destructive behaviour, weird relationship shit that grew out of the quotidian traumas of early family life... Not stuff I usually dwell on too much myself, but it was Thanksgiving yesterday, and I was in a car with women who were discussing the male and female influences from parents to their children.


... the idea of unlearning fascinates me. It has huge implications: what is the Environmental movement but a huge effort to unlearn destructive habits? ...and it has more subjective implications: if we don't forget all the little forgettable details of our everyday lives, would there be room in our heads for the next day's worth of living?

Is this something you can take control over? Can you get up and say, "Today I will unlearn my macho ways?"

more importantly: would that be any fun?

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