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Friday, September 22, 2006


Strindberg in the street

egelbundna, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

This is an excerpt of a word excerpted from a text from Strindberg, one of Stockholm's cultural poster boys. The text is embedded in the center of the street like a median, along a mile-long pedestrian outdoor mall. This was at night, when there are fewer people walking on it and therefore it is possible to get a picture - otherwise, it is always crowded.

We opened last night to a fabulously warm audience. There are things a show can tell you about the audience that sees it. Different shows will tell you different things, of course. This show is about introspection, self-doubt, stillness, and the struggle to live a peaceful life in a world filled with too much social injustice. The Swedes GET this show -- they giggled often, in sympathy with the characters as they work through the show. When you get that kind of positive response, though, it hardly feels like work...

I finally wandered around the waterfront - there is an awful lot of it, and most seems to have walkways and bicycle paths along the edge. A fleet of small NATO ships is in port, there are many boats that are obviously unseaworthy, but now seem to be someone's home. ...booms stripped of rigging and bolted in place to hold chimneys, greyed out coamings cracking apart at the dovetailed joint, that kind of thing.

Sounds like a good time, Trev. Say hi to everybody for me.
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