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Friday, September 01, 2006


sentinels of Regent Park

sentinels of Regent Park, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

I took this picture in late July -- these 'towers' (stairwells that didn't crumble as easily as the rest of the buildings) are long gone now. I feel a little conflicted about the whole thing -- If I was a busted up stairwell, I would be the guy on the left. I'm eager to see something beautiful take the place of the dreary housing that was there, but concerned that the people who were there won't be able to afford to come back to the place they were kicked out of.

It has been a busy month - I should post more stuff about some of the amazing groups I worked with at this year's Summerworks Festival, and the little puppet show I toured after that, but I should really finish this grant application sitting next to me. Grants never end. They eat up about a quarter of the time I work with Aluna Theatre. Dream, write grant, work the idea, write a grant, call some people to join the project, have a meeting, write a grant, go to the bathroom, write another grant, and on and on.... like construction, it never ends, and seems more intense at those times when you want to take a vacation.

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