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Thursday, September 21, 2006


from the kulturhuset roof

from the kulturhuset roof, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

this is the lunch patio of Stockholm's version of the NAC. It's a monstrously large building housing... well a whole bunch of civic and artistic stuff in Swedish, so I'm not sure what's all in here. Grand view, though: the image above was taken at noon, but note the angle of the shadows: they are lower than 45 degrees -- the middle of the day registers in my 40 degree latitude brain as late afternoon / almost evening. Whenever I'm outside I feel like I'm getting places early or I'm out a little late. There's a relaxed urgency in the air, for me.

And for our technicians, who wander around the Kulturhuset for adaptors and gel and microphone stands that are stored, it seems, 5 floors away and two blocks over. They are very casual about it all, which slows things down just that little bit: we are never starting on time, but things get done. It just never feels like we're quite on track.

Tomorrow I'll finally get out a bit more. Life in buildings is great and everything, but I need to check out the water in this "city of 24000 islands".

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