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Monday, July 10, 2006


watching the World Cup in Montepulciano

World Cup from Montepulciano, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.


The World Cup final: half the town of Montepulciano gathers in one of the plazas around four tv's and a big projection screen to watch the match between France and Italy. Cars cannot pass. Kids yell frantically at the men who are adjusting the television antennas. The half of the crowd from Germany or the U.S. has nowhere to sit. The last goal is scored, the crowd explodes, and fireworks go off INSIDE the narrow stone streets. Then the honking begins. Men pee in convenient sewer gratings, young toughs leave skid marks in the Piazza Grande, and worried mothers bustle their children home. A band strikes up, although no one can say where it is because sound travels so well here.

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