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Monday, July 17, 2006


missed that gig in the Imperial Forum

Imperial Forum of Augustus, originally uploaded by plastictaxi.

Rome -- worn stone, white marble monuments that crest like a wave of wedding cake, curbs made of the same exquisite stuff, creepy guys jerking off in the shadows, gorgeous rot flanked by smart style sitting within warm and generous plazas.

Every day exhausts us.

Hey Trev -- it's Maggie from ages gone by. I sailed on the St. Lawrence II with you when I was in college at Kalamazoo... remember me? Got up this morning and fished out a shirt you gave me with the St. L II logo on it and began to wonder so I started to google around and see where you are. Italy is great and it sounds like you're enjoying. Read about your theater work too -- very cool. Hope this finds you healthy, wealthy, happy and wise! Or at least healthy and happy. Sending you good thoughts -- get in touch if you feel like it.

what are you up to, Maggie from ages gone by?

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