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Monday, April 10, 2006


driving Bea to the airport

power for the burbs, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

we got up at 5:30 am -- after being up late packing and not being able to sleep for anticipation -- and took a little extra time to get up to Pearson Airport. That drive is becoming a little hypnotic or me. The spaghetti noodle confusion of roads around the terminals, the anonymity of heavy traffic in the half-light of the morning, the gratitude I feel for the hot up of tea on the dash...

I dropped her off, both of us too tired to talk much as we saw each other for the last time in a month. We mumbled the things people mumble to each other when they already know what the other will say.

A month. A month is nothing. I went into work one day in early March, and when April came around I looked back up. A moment had passed.

And yet it's been a week already this past 10 hours: first day on a new project, ferrying applications about, watching the sick cat navigate steps into the backyard, seeing the apple tree bud... All that and she's not here to see it. How will she ever catch up?

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