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Saturday, March 11, 2006


looking backwards

rearview sunlight, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

Don't get much chance to look around where I am these days, so I haven't written much lately. I designed the lights for a show called "The Arab-Israeli Cookbook", just opened the other day. It was an intense show, and took quite a bit out of me. It was a lesson in communication -- learning to communicate is, in large measure, being sensitive to the moments when you are not communicating. Knowing when you need to work harder demands considerable imagination and attention. It's hard to know that you don't know something, though, you know? I'll stop before I start sounding like Donald Rumsfeld.

Anyway, this week I'm working at Buddies again (yes!) on lighting "Clean Irene and Dirty Maxine", and preparing for a David French play, "Of the Fields, Lately", which is going up in Sudbury shortly. So things have not slowed down. I'm looking forward to the end of the month, but I'm also enjoying this busy time when I'm working fully in a medium of rhythm and colour. Designing lighting for Theatre is a joy.

Bea is busy too, having just opened "Bloom" at the Theatre Centre (a gorgeous show). We see each other at night sometimes, or in the morning. We have very honest and lovely conversations at those times, because we miss each other so much. It feels bohemian, sitting there in pyjamas eating whatever is in the fridge -- if we've had time to get anything that is. If not it's oatmeal. Which I dig.

The great mercy of a heavy workload is that I don't have time to keep up with much news. It's wonderfully freeing to not have so much clutter in the brain.

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