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Friday, January 20, 2006


too much running

Yonge Bay and York sts next exit, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

it's easy to say yes to work. In Toronto work = moral strength. I've heard that described as very protestant, but Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Atheists, Confucians, etc, from around the world live here and we all have to plug into or resist the same clock. This might be a bigcity thing, though it's not always that way in every bigcity.

In my dreams, there are places that don't seem so blatantly workaholic. I've seen some: Bogota, Montreal. Places where people frown at you when you're busy on Sunday.

Our version of busy-ness:
A celebration of efficiency - a prioritization of utilities - a squeezing of opportunity - a festival of calculation.

somewhere in there though, for those who are sometimes looking, little beautiful things still poke through the rush.

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