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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Walking and working in Berlin

Berlin Holocaust memorial 3, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

We're loading in "Revolutions in Therapy" to the Hebbel am Ufer (HAU 2) in Berlin. It's going really well, despite the fact that my brand new laptop computer got RIPPED OFF right out of my fucking hotel room. CAN'T say I'm happy about that, but we have backups of our lighting control software and the show files, and we managed to get a local computer to do the job for us here without too much fuss.

I keep popping out with little Spanish words while I'm here, saying "si" to German waiters, or "Buenas" instead of "Guten Tag" -- can my brain not support the learning of two different languages? If I stuck around for more than a week I'm sure it would. Until then, I just laugh. There are more socially embarrasing mistakes to make. (Like yesterday, when I was trying to get the cheque at n Italien restaurant, but asked for the 'exam' instead).

Looking forward to being through the push here, tomorrow is fairly full, but after that, I have my days to play stoopid toorist.

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