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Saturday, November 19, 2005


Moving through autumn

Broadview and Gerrard at 7pm, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

The other night Bea said something like:

"I feel a lot of the time like I've missed having a normal life. That other people have normal lives which I can't have because it's too late or something."

Common thoughts as the season chills the rain and we begin to hide under layers of insulation. I feel a bit like hiding. Maybe it's the cold I just picked up.

I'm going to Berlin tomorrow to do the lights for "Revolutions in Therapy" once again. It's going to be nice. I've gotten over the rush to see everything when I travel now -- what I see, I see. I'll still look for things and walk a lot, but I can't get into making plans. Not now. Don't know why.

Got to put a good mix together for the flight -- maybe some podcasts, some ambient stuff...

I am going to miss home -- I think I already do. Again: don't know why.

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