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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Kreuzberg moment

Kreuzberg sharing the wealth, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

Doing a lot of walking around these days. The picture above I took a couple of days ago while on a big walkabout aournd Kreuzberg's Turkish area. Today JP and I took our second trundle from our hotel, through the Mitte to Prenzlauer Berg - that's like going from Queen and Shaw to St.Clair and Yonge in Toronto. All for really good cocoa. JP's great to walk around with. He approaches the things he loves in life with a gourmet's sensibility.

We've been deep into show issues and the practicalities of getting around Berlin. I'm hungry, though, to think about bigger issues. Right now I feel I’m too much in the moment. All these fucking zen movies and books that tell you to "be in the moment" – kung fu movies are the worst for that – are dishing out great advice for people fighting or boozing or performing... but to write or just think about life you need to jump out of the moment and into the fiction, or the place and time, the other-thing you’re chasing with your imagination. So my new rebel mottto is "fuck the moment." Be in the state you need. Wide-minded.

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