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Monday, September 05, 2005


Gas at $1.30 and rising

soft cloth wash, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

Notice that the price of gas is missing on this sign? That's because it is not built to allow you to put up a number over ninety-nine cents on there. It's like Y2K all over again.

I had some great dreams last night but they faded too quickly for me this morning... like an old memory. I need to run to the keyboard first thing and pedantically type out what the dream imagination feeds me. Otherwise I do a bad job reinventing the dream with the few renegade images left to me and botch what was cool about it. Maybe the power of a dream on the mind, like an old memory, is that you want to try to recover it a little. good jokes do that, and good stories. is it a physiological thing that they do? Is it a brain-chemical feedback thing that makes us love them -- so much that we try to 'reconstruct' them, and end up crudely building false memories as monuments to lost thought?

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