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Thursday, August 11, 2005


good days and bad days

Revolutions in architecture, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

Yesterday started out well enough until I walked into a chunk of steel with my face. I got up first thing and made arrepa huevo for everyone – something I learned from a Colombian woman named Maria: it's a thick corn patty with a fried egg in the middle. The comida Colombiana rocked the house. Then Steve and I sauntered into the theatre while saying silly things on the way. Then we got aggravated at how all our alternative plans to improve the show were falling through (bad computers, bad connections, etc). Then I kissed aluminum, hard. The day went down from there, though mostly in terms of frustration, not physical pain. In a surprise burst of antisocial behaviour I went home earlier than planned – my face hurt and I needed to flee the smoking masses at the Trav, and I'm a little nervous about the stack of things I have to work on for next month.

But we all have bad days. Today I get into seeing shows in earnest.

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