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Saturday, August 20, 2005


alley watching

looking at the closes, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

Took this shot near our flat. It's in a lovely area, near to pubs and groceries and a number of other things, I'm told. We're all catching the last shows we can fit into our schedules before we strike the show tomorrow night and then store it and fly home.

So: yesterday was physical drama day according to my schedule, so I shuffled my way through the casual daily blockade of the streets they call pedestrian traffic (which isn't so bad unless you're trying to get somewhere, or you get boxed in the shoulder by a university student in headphones playing "I'm all alone on the sidewalk") and came to Aurora Nova. Beautiful venue. Saw "All Wear Bowlers" -- clever slapstick and slight-of-hand which extended to bouncing in and out of video -- and "Shi-zen - 7 bowls", with a Brazilian group doing Butoh/dance (yeah, put that in a sandwich).

The 7 bowls blew me away -- intense and humourous and gorgeous. The bowlers was very funny and clever, but didn't really hit me in the heart. Fun though.

Then today: "Switch Triptych" by the Riot Group form San Francisco -- interesting, very well performed, but it had some design issues, lights set and sound, that were very distractiong. I think it will mature into something very cool. Tonight: the higly recommended "Stories for the Wobbly-hearted." Then run.

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