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Friday, August 05, 2005


2 years of stickers

It's lunch on our second day of load-in – we're in the rehearsal room of the Lyceum, produced with the Traverse as part of their offering for this year's fringe. Things are a little wacky – we have discovered “egg & pin” truss, which is not what we are used to – in fact, everything is several inches (ahem. Several centimetres) out from our regular setup in just about every dimension. All the little discrepancies add up to a foot here and there, and for me and the rigging, a lot of rejigging to get pieces to line up, or even attach to the truss.

We stumbled into a lovely little pub – the “White Stag” -- where apparently Robbie Burns had penned “Ae Fond Kiss”, and in which several people were abducted and killed, to be sold to a doctor for dissection (all in the name of science). Their haggis was fantastic. We toasted Paul Bettis, a veteran of Toronto independent theatre who just passed away. Then we stumbled to the Spiegeltent but were too tired to stay long. I'm finding it hard to get to sleep here – but that's probably low-level excitement and having many things yet to do.

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