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Saturday, July 30, 2005


wrapping things up

shrouded scaffolding, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

Run-around sort-of day. Got a message to run across town to sign a contract, then ran back to work on a grant application, then ran across again for a rehearsal. We tech our Summerworks show, “Capturing Freedom,” from 10am to 2pm on Sunday, after which I jump in a cab for the airport and fly to Edinburgh.

Change of topic:

There are a few considerations that make the otherwise pleasant experience of bringing some stranger a load of your sperm vexing (I'm talking about bringing a sample in for fertility testing). Abstaining up to four days. Then timing the delivery: get there early with your “sample” and they will tell you to return in a few days' time with a fresh dose at 10 am precisely, thank you very much. They will not be ready for you fifteen minutes earlier than that, and not a minute later. Oh well. Another abstention of several days. Then getting nervous about timing, and almost cutting yourself on the sharp opening of the sterilized plastic cup (which is like a circular plastic knife).

Thank gawd that's done, is all I can say. But what happens next? What do they do with the precious fluids?

In an effort to find out, I googled “sperm count”. Most of the hits I got back were about “low sperm count.” I never stop believing that we are a society of pessimists. I follow a few links regardless.

“mothersbliss.co.uk” tells us that “A count of below 20 million sperm per ml is a low sperm count and may need to be treated as it reduces a man's fertility and may affect your chances of conception. Simple treatment of low sperm count could be wearing looser underwear and reducing the intake of cigarettes and alcohol.”

the fairly neutral “MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia” states that:
The normal volume varies from 1.5 to 5.0 milliliter per ejaculation. The sperm count varies from 20 to 150 million sperm per milliliter. At least 60% of the sperm should have a normal shape and show normal forward movement (motility).

When you see optimistic attitudes towards sperm counts, you can be sure there's a product being pushed: “Here's a topic that every man has thought about, but few discuss: the abundant, potent volume and intense shooting power of the healthy, virile male.” ... not sure I can comment further on that.

I'm not learning much of real value here, but it's keeping me entertained. Until the ADD kicks in.

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