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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


what is other people's love

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Had a conversation with Gavin at the Tarragon today about some friends of ours. Their relationship mystifies us. They say things to each other that amaze us -- that we would find seriously uncool. On some level I wonder about every couple I meet, I guess. I'm sure people wonder about Bea and I.

For instance.

Bea made fun of me today because I have to shoot off into a plastic cup and bring it to a lab for analysis. We've been checking ourselves out lately to figure out if we're likely to have kids. I've never really wanted to know myself, and I'm kind-of liking my simple ignorance of my state of reproductive health. If a baby comes, we deal – that's always been my approach. But this is something that we have to know because we're not in our twenties anymore, and as the years go by we may not have any choices about having kids. Therefore, we're checking ourselves out.

So there we are, having dinner in the back yard, and she looks me in the face with a goofy smile and her tongue hanging out as she slouches and pumps her invisible penis. This is the woman I love. Sperm counts have never been so much fun.

Invented today:

A sonata of beats played upon parked cars by one-armed musicians with baseball bats.

A lesson in how to smell.

A song for raccoons living in your attic, sung at the solstice to convince them to leave.

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