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Friday, July 22, 2005


Rehearsal in the Passe Muraille Backspace

My last gig before Edinburgh (aside from a quick flurry of grant applications) is a show in the Summerworks festival called "Capturing Freedom" -- it's about sisters separated by an ocean: one is a kid in Capetown, the other a teenager in small town Ontario. Add a cross-dressing comedian, some Zulu witchcraft, and go.

I love the Passe Muraille backspace -- such a cosy, intimate room. And it's nice to be working and feel inspired by it. Yesterday I had to struggle uphill to get going on the grant writing. ugh. I felt that society was flatlining and I was under acheiving.


"Nominals. We are a society of nominals. Nominally Christian, nominally solvent, nominally middle class... there are not many things that we are to the full extent that we could be, although we behave as if we were – fully ,completely -- all the things we say we are. Is that hypocrisy? We are all hypocrites – and not just nominally. Demonstrably.

Do we need a demonstration? I can't decide if that would be hypocritical. But of course it would have to be. A bit."

that was yesterday. Thank god it's today. Not sure what the prospects for tomorrow are, though. You never are.

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