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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Living under smog alerts

catface bee graffiti, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

Saw some applique graffiti yesterday, and some funky arty stuff too. Every summer the best graffiti alley in Toronto undergoes a bit of a transformation.

Meetings and theatre stuff continue apace. Have to do 100 things this week before flying to E-burgh, and even the rainy days here are smog days -- there seems to be no relief this year from dense, heavy air thick with ... gross unmentionables. It's not as stinky as pollution in other cities -- in Bogota you know you're getting your smog pretty much direct from the tailpipe. But the humidity in Toronto turns the air into a diffuse, weighty pillow of gases pressed down over your face. You feel it as a pain in the lungs, a few minutes after you lock your bike and dive into an air-conditioned building.

Had a creepy bike ride on the way home, last night. Half the downtown core was in a blackout for most of the day, but as I was cruising home around 10pm it seemed like power had been restored – I usually travel east along Queen st, and all the lights were working business as usual. But a few of the north-south streets were still powerless. Parliament street was a deep lightless cave tunneling up into the night like a rural highway.

Invented today:

A flag with which to claim sovereignty over a few spare hours of time.

A coo to calm a computer that doesn't want to cooperate with you.

A thought in a foreign language that is more reassuring than any thought in your own.

A way of rubbing your temples so that unpleasant things stop being visible to you.

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