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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Brandenburger Tor then and now

Brandenburger Tor then and now, originally uploaded by trevorsc.

I'm going through my mountain of images from the last two months to make sure I haven't neglected any good ones. Only a few get into the blog, some because they are of significant things (as here), some because they capture a moment, some because I think they look cool. It's the kind of hobby that can really eat up a lot of time.

This is an installation called "180degrees Berlin" (they have a great website, in German: www.180gradberlin.de ) -- showing a huge panorama of this very place in 1945, after a couple years of Allied bombing. I wish this thing could be put up in cities across North America -- each city painted as if it had gone through this hell -- to get it into people's heads just what happens when they send their war machines in to "soften" targets with bombs. Very powerful. Other cities in this project include Coventry, Stalingrad, Rotterdam, and Warsaw.

see the board of the artist:

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