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Friday, June 24, 2005


Wireless hotspot

Stuttgart festival centre dome
Originally uploaded by trevorsc.

We sit under this dome and get connected. I don't think I've ever been online so much while travelling before. Changes.

JP and I were talking about nostalgia -- he figures that nostalgia is something that is hardwired into us, but he consciously resists it. He sees it as slightly dangerous, in that it becomes a kind of reverence for the past that negates the importance of the present. This idea cuts to the core of JP's sense of politics – well, that's my interpretation. He is actively anti-nostalgic, and in this way, anti-conservative.

I don't know what to think -- I've never been to Stuttgart, but there is something welcoming and lovely here that makes me think of feelings of nostalgia. Is there a word for that? "Newstalgia:" -- the feeling of wanting to be home in a place you've never been. Or perhaps: of feeling like you know something about a place, on a subconscious level, when in fact you've never really been there before.

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